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Creamy Vegan Vanilla Clementine Milkshake

  We at Oat & Mill love milkshakes, and you seem to love them too. This 3-ingredient vegan vanilla clementine milkshake is downright the perfect combination of creamy and bursts of sunshine, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Made with Oat & Mill vanilla ice cream, oat milk, and three peeled clementine’s, this is an easy treat to turn any day into a great one, no special occasion necessary. Besides this milkshake being vegan friendly, tangerines also have multiple health benefits worth mentioning. Including an abundance of vitamin C and moderate levels of vitamin A, which has been linked to improving skin, eye and heart health. Pair this creamy, dreamy milkshake alongside a vegan burger and fries...

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Chocolate Dreams. Mini Ice Cream Fudge Pie.

Ice cream fudge pie is a delicious dessert for any season or occasion. This made from scratch decadent pie is a combo of vegan pie crust, rich fudge ganache and our very own Oat & Mill creamy vanilla bean ice cream! Ice cream fudge pie can pair perfectly with holiday get togethers or even just a night in with your favourite movies. With a memorable combination of flavours and textures, finish it off by topping with a few chocolate chips, nuts or even sprinkles. The options are next to endless. If you love fudge and you love ice cream, you’re bound to love this recipe. It is easy to make and super delicious, it is basically a creamy chocolate dream....

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