Oat & Mill's Founder

Candace Tierney, Oat & Mill's Founder, is an Ottawa Valley entrepreneur who transformed her love of ice cream, commitment to sustainability and belief in giving back to the community into a successful, growing and award winning business. 


Oat & Mill's roots trace to the Carp Farmer's Market, a local market held every Saturday just west of Ottawa. Armed with a degree in Marketing and a determination to start her own business, Candace sold her first scoops of Oat & Mill's initial recipes at the market. Positive feedback and "Where can I buy it?" questions provided the encouragement she needed to keep at it and expand into local grocery and health food stores. 


Oat & Mill's transition to plastic-free packaging is evidence of Candace's commitment to sustainability but it doesn't stop there. Oat & Mill is focused on a number of other areas including:

  • Identifying and eliminating all waste from processing oats into ice cream.

  • Working to remove plastics from the entire supply chain.

  • Sourcing more oats from local farmers.


Candace also mentors other entrepreneurs, giving her time and advice freely to help the next generation. Entrepreneurs start their own businesses but they don't have to do it alone. If you're thinking about or just started on the path of entrepreneurship, reach out to Candace, she'd love to hear about your ideas and goals.

Oat & Mill and Candace have both won awards, including:

    • Ontario Premier's Award for innovation of using oats to make dairy free frozen desserts
    • University of Ottawa's Startup Garage: Alumni and Mentor
    • Mindtrust Leadership Development Program: Alumni and Mentor