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Frequently Asked Questions

How and where is this ice cream made?

What's this whole deal with the oats about? 

Why do you create plant based ice cream that is meant to replicate dairy?

How do you make products that look, taste, scoop, and melt like ice cream without dairy?

Do you have a storefront or scoop shop?

At which retail stores can I find your products?

Can we stop by your facility?

Is Oat & Mill vegan?

Is Oat & Mill safe for someone with dairy or nut allergies?

Is Oat & Mill gluten-free?

What's your return policy?

How do you ship ice cream?

How much does shipping cost?

Where do you ship?

Is there a minimum order?

Why did you stop carrying my favourite flavour?

I am interested in buying this as a Foodservice option for my restaurant, how would I go about setting this up?

I run a non-profit organization and would love to discuss a partnership with you, how can I reach you?