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All of our vegan ice creams take a lengthy and rewarding process to make. All pastry and baked goods that go into the ice cream are made from scratch in house. We make it over multiple days to get the best flavour and texture. We buy locally in season and hold popular flavours through multiple seasons. The ice cream keeps well when stored in our freezer that has clean and continuous air flow. We try to make all our strawberry ice cream in season so when you get it from us, even months later it will still taste like it did when we made the first batch.

1 - we make the ice cream mix from scratch using our in house developed recipes on the first day. The mix is aged overnight to thicken and bring out more flavour. We make a classic mix and a chocolate mix that are similar but slightly different recipes. Most flavours are from the classic mix with additions such as vanilla beans, fresh or roasted fruits, spices, burnt sugar caramels, or whatever flavour of the week we're feeling. 


2 - we age the ice cream mix overnight and churn on day 2 in small batches (about 11 litres per batch) in our special gelato machine that adds no more than 35% overrun (air). Our vegan ice creams are denser than your average. Most ice creams contain at least 50% air which makes them lighter and melt faster. As the ice cream is dispensed from the gelato machine we add our mix ins. We then transfer the goods into a blast freezer to rapidly freeze everything. The faster you freeze, the creamier the ice cream will be. One day we'd like to get a spiral freezer that super freezes the ice cream while circulating.


3 -  let the ice creams freeze overnight to reduce ice crystals and make for a super smooth scoop. 


vegan ice cream & pastry. oat based. no artificial flavour.

made in small batches

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