Shipping Info

Shipping / Packaging

We didn’t want to use styrofoam coolers because they end up in landfills. We chose a recyclable insulated package made from cardboard. The packs can be disposed alongside all other paper products in the recycle bin. It costs more, but we think it’s important to do our part in supporting sustainability practices. We are working towards a compostable version; however, minimum orders are very high. Nevertheless, we hope to reach those minimums to reduce potential for waste even more. We are also moving towards plastic free packaging for the ice cream pints, launching beginning Spring 2021.


Order Minimum

The order minimum is 5 pints because the shipping costs associated with getting ice cream to arrive in its intended frozen state is expensive. Given the amount of care that goes into ensuring the quality of our ice cream, we of course extend this attention to detail to our shipping and packaging. Something you might not know is that we already offer a discount on shipping fees (typically fees with Fedex are $20-$30 per package and we presently charge $19.99), which means that we have to absorb a portion of that cost in the ice cream sale price. In addition to shipping costs, we cover the cost of the insulated recyclable cooler and the dry ice that keeps your ice cream frozen to perfection.


What Makes Shipping Ice Cream Unique

With the nature of our product, it is much more costly to ship an item that needs to be kept extremely cold, compared to other types of products that don’t require this type of temperature control. As a product, ice cream is very sensitive and even if it melts the slightest bit, it will change the taste greatly. We want to make sure to provide you with the highest quality ice cream experience possible, comparable to buying it freshly served. This means we have to prevent any melting during your pints’ journey to you. Did you know that melting can lead to an icy texture upon refreezing and an uncomfortable brain freeze upon eating? We put so much care into ensuring each pint is made perfectly, so naturally that care has to be translated into our shipping and packaging processes too. We guarantee that your package will arrive completely frozen.


When will my order ship?

Orders must be placed by Monday 7:00pm EST in order to be processed for Thursday arrival. We ship using FedEx. Our ice cream shipments can’t be in transit over the weekend. Orders received after cutoff time will be held for shipping out the following week. You can select the shipping date at checkout.

Your account will be updated via email with tracking information as soon as the status of your order changes.

How It Works

We pack frozen goods in an insulated shipping box with enough dry ice to keep the contents perfectly frozen well into the evening of the delivery date. It gets colder inside that box than it does in your freezer: -109.3°F.

FedEx is authorized to leave all packages at the destination without signature which will ensure that your Oat&Mill will not melt due to multiple delivery attempts.


You’ll receive an email notification with tracking number when your order ships.


No frozen goods will be in transit more than 48 hours.


We authorize FedEx to leave all packages at the shipping destination without a signature. That way, the recipient doesn’t have to be home to accept it, and frozen goods don’t melt during multiple delivery attempts, etc.

Shipping Fee

We offer $19.99 flat-rate shipping based on 5-9 pints and $29.99 based on 10-18 pints.

You can order as little as 5 pints and as many as you like.