It’s our mission to create amazing plant based products that push you to think about plants like you never have before. Through crafting our ice creams from oats, rather than dairy, we believe we can achieve an ice cream with creamier texture and bolder flavour. 


We believe in the potential of Canadian agriculture, the rich history of grain in the region, the vital nutrients that leave us feeling full and nourished. We deeply respect conservation of our land and believe this respect is carried over into flavour and taste of food. The more time and care put into the growing and harvesting of ingredients, the better the overall quality.


At Oat & Mill we developed an oat cream that uses 100% of the whole grain oat. There is zero waste in our process and we keep the entirety of goodness from the grain in the product. It's better for the farmer and better for our health. Through this practise we make it possible to have an ice cream alternative that carries a uniquely smooth texture and body similar to buttercream, but without the dairy. Rich in pure flavour with careful attention to detail. No synthetic flavouring.

Our inclusions and mix-ins are made from scratch, with whole ingredients, and designed to fit perfectly into our ice cream. Our ice creams are filling, we believe that less is more and a high quality ice cream should leave you satisfied after a couple scoops.


Growing up in a small farming community in Ontario, oats were always a key ingredient for a well put together day. Some days my oats were topped with banana, cinnamon, a swirl of peanut butter, or dark chocolate chunks. There were few days that I went with old-fashioned plain, but when I did, that was good too.

One morning I was cooking oatmeal in a pot and realized how creamy the oats were. Little did I know at the time, the creamy factor in my oats was due to a soluble fibre known as Beta-Glucans. Beta-Glucans are a fibre that has been shown to be beneficial in preventing cardiovascular disease, and having cholesterol lowering and hypertension lowering properties.

I've worked for 4 years to develop an ice cream alternative that tastes just like the real thing. After giving up dairy for environmental, animal welfare and health reasoning, I still missed the days of having ice cream and set out to develop an ice cream with flavour and textural qualities undifferentiated from dairy. I've tested over 2000 variations. There have been days that were challenging and days with great success. I believe to drive positive change and impact we should start by looking at our connection to food. 

discoverING the magic of oats

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Inspired by nature.

No flavouring. Nothing artificial. Cruelty Free. Vegan.