At Oat & Mill we developed an oat cream that uses 100% of the whole grain oat. There is zero waste in our process and we keep the entirety of goodness from the grain in the product. It's better for the farmer and better for our health. Through this practise we make it possible to have an ice cream alternative that carries a uniquely smooth texture and body similar to buttercream, but without the dairy. 



Churned smoothly into ice cream. This step embodies a process of taking a liquid (The Mix) and churning into a solid (Ice Cream) in barrels that slowly freeze. The result is a creamy and cold texture, which is then packaged into pints and tubs. Our ice creams are designed for scooping and stacking on ice cream cones, although could be just as easily enjoyed straight from the pint.



All our inclusions and mix-ins are made in the scratch kitchen prior to folding and layering in the ice cream.


We bake oats and chocolate into rich fudge brownies. Caramelize pecans with sea salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Bloom cocoa into the best fudge sauce you've ever tried. We make a banana caramel with whole bananas, a hint of brown sugar, and sea salt.


White chocolate made from scratch and chopped into delectable chunks. Cookie dough whipped with chocolate chips and cut into large square chunks. We wash, prep, and roast in-season berries into a vibrant coulis, which is then layered into our ice creams. 

We started the scratch kitchen as a testing grounds for perfecting our oat ice cream. When the ice cream was ready we searched for the perfect pairings of chunks, ripples, sauces, and swirls. It was a difficult process and for a long time we felt the desire to create from the ground up. So that is what we did, inclusions built for each of our ice creams. 

Oat & Mill churns their in-house developed oat cream into a uniquely rich parlour style

ice cream without dairy. The result is dense, smooth, and a pure sweet taste.

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