At Oat & Mill, as a Canadian company we feel deeply connected to the Canadian wildlife who inhabit this great wilderness with us.  So when we learned that turtles in Canada - particularly Ontario - are at risk, we knew we had to do something to help them.

We are deeply concerned about the welfare of turtles in Ontario and across Canada, and we believe that an important way that we can help them is by supporting the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s turtle rehabilitation and research programs. We are contributing a portion of sales from our Turtle Crossing ice cream flavour to support their efforts.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation has been working with regional partners, community groups, lake associations and individuals to reduce risks to turtles.  For more information on their efforts, and to learn more about turtles, please visit



Creamy vanilla with pockets of toasted pecan pralines and a maple caramel ripple.

A perfect vanilla ice cream paired with golden notes of caramel and pecan praline. We toast chopped pecans with caramelized sugar to get buttery, crunchy nut clusters, which is then folded into the ice cream. Our housemade caramel is boiled from maple syrup, brown sugar, oat cream, and sea salt. It's simple but has a toasty, sweet, and salty flavour. Turtle Crossing was designed in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to raise awareness and funds in the protection and rehabilitation of turtles in Canada. Find out more about the turtles here.


All freshwater turtle species found in Canada are listed as species at risk. For every Turtle Crossing sold you're helping support research and protection of turtles and their habitat. Thank you!

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