Vanilla Bean

Pure, rich, and sweet oat cream vanilla. Simply enjoy straight from the pint or pair with any dessert.

Starting with our signature oat cream, we fold pure madagascar vanilla into the base mix. The ice cream is then churned and cooled. Vanilla is a complex plant. Each flower only blooms for one day in the year and has to be hand-pollinated in those few hours or it won't produce any beans. Once the beans have been picked, they need to be dried for several months before they're ready to be used. It's the kind of time-consuming process that would only be worth it for an extraordinary taste.



Rich chocolate ice cream with a hint of peppermint and dark chocolate chunks.

Chocolate ice cream with cooling peppermint. Pure Swiss dark chocolate chips and organic cocoa find their way into our pints. We tested more than 20 chocolate producers before identifying the perfect flavour, richness, and smoothness. It turns out size is of critical importance; ensuring the chips are small enough that they scatter evenly through the ice cream, but also big enough that you get an unexpectedly rich bite of dark chocolate.



Creamy vanilla with pockets of toasted pecan pralines and dark chocolate chunks.

A perfect vanilla ice cream paired with golden notes of caramel and pecan praline. We toast chopped pecans with caramelized sugar to get buttery, crunchy nut clusters, which is then folded into the ice cream. Layers of dark chocolate chunks are added. It's simple with a toasty, sweet, and salty flavour. Turtle Crossing was designed in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to raise awareness and funds in the protection and rehabilitation of turtles in Canada.

Rocky Road

Fudge Brownie

Chocolate ice cream with vanilla marshmallow puffs and dark chocolate fudge brownies.

Chocolate ice cream is creamy and rich in flavour. Once churned we fold in vegan marshmallow puffs. Brownies are baked perfectly for the ice cream. We use dark chocolate and oats to create a super fudge brownie chunk. This flavour is one of our best sellers and it's no wonder why. Loaded with chocolate, it's the perfect late night snack for in bed or watching a movie. We recommend not pairing this one, just enjoy as is.


Peanut Butter

Chocolate ice cream with thick peanut butter ripple throughout.

Our signature chocolate mix is churned into a smooth and rich ice cream. We slowly grind organic peanuts into the creamiest peanut butter you’ve ever tasted - the result is a golden, almost caramel like peanut butter swirl. We intentionally swirl each pint of Chocolate Peanut Butter with thick chunks for maximum richness and decadence.


Oat & Mill churns their in-house developed oat cream into a uniquely rich parlour style

ice cream without dairy. The result is dense, smooth, and a pure sweet taste.

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